Storycolors: Wade through the Wobbly

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Being a coach I know the value of thinking things through out loud with someone who is good at asking questions.

So I know I should do it, and yet… the cobbler’s shoes syndrom happens so easily.

Therefore, now that I have started Storycolors I have to force myself to do it, and what better way than hiring a coach? I now have three sessions with a creative business coach, her company is called Do Vision. Exactly what I need.. to do my vision.

Visions are so safe and easy when they are in your head and when externalising them they can all of a sudden feel wobbly, which is of course not a pleasant feeling. But oh so necessary. We have to wade through the wobbly to get to firm land.

The only alternative is not take on the journey, and keep the vision in our heads. So I am wading.

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