Storycolors, the beginning of a journey

Last week, over lunch, almost unnoticeably, I was part of a major milestone.

To the other people in the restaurant nothing special seemed to be happening. Two people sat talking, spooning up a green soup and one was typing things into her laptop. And yet it was a big moment, because by definition beginnings are a prerequisite for anything happening at all.

Without beginnings we would have had no man on the moon, no-one organising the World Cup football and van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt would only be known by their neighbours and family.

At that lunch in Amsterdam, a new business was formed that brings together many of the different strands of my life and work.

Its name is Storycolors and it is a new method of self-management and revolves around recognising the stories we tell ourselves and color coding them, hence the name. The method will heighten your awareness of how you block yourself in certain moments and it helps you take away the reasons behind that blocking and so opens up alternative avenues of action.

They say starting is half of the job done. I wont say that, but knowing that if you don’t start nothing gets done, I do believe it a cause for a mild celebration. A blogpost and another cup of soup for now, but more is to follow!

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